Jennie, Adam (8 1/2), Anna (6), Austin (3 1/2 months), Uncle Bob, and Uncle David joined us at our house for Christmas Eve afternoon.  It was Austin’s first Christmas, and he was wonderful.  Although Adam wasn’t feeling real well, he enjoyed the day, especially when he received a Legos building set, with which he immediately created a beach house.  Anna was thrilled with the scooter she got, and doesn’t she look nice in the pretty dress her Grandma Karen gave her?  Also pictured below is the Christmas tree that stands beautifully in Amber, Drew, and Silas’s home.  And under the tree is a really neat fire station Silas got from Santa.  He loves it!  We video chatted (Skyped) with Si and his family for an hour and 20 minutes today (Christmas morning).  We wish all of you well this holiday season!