We had planned a little driving trip for the week of Sept. 14th, and our intention was to visit the Lake of the Ozarks in southern Missouri and maybe continue into Arkansas, somewhere we hadn’t been before.  However, on the eve of our journey, we checked weather conditions, and a huge low-pressure system was literally parked over the southern half of the US, bringing clouds and rain to where we wanted to go.  And it was NOT going to move.  Meanwhile, there was a series of high-pressure centers across the upper midwest which would provide mostly sunny skies there for the week.  So we opted to switch directions and drive around Wisconsin instead.  We started with a couple of days in Door County, enjoying three of the state parks in that county.  Heading westward, we stopped to hike in a great county park in the center of the state while on our way over to the Mississippi River.  We drove up one side and down the other (between LaCrosse and just south of Minneapolis), again walking in state parks as well as a beautiful National Wildlife Refuge.  The sailboat picture was taken from Lake City, Minn., a really wonderful town on Lake Pepin, which is a widening of the Mississippi.