Years ago, we saw a wall hanging quilt in a shop near the Mississippi River in Wisconsin.   It reminded us so much of organ pipes and Randy, being a church organist, was especially fascinated with it.  I am a quilter and the lady in the shop, knowing that I was a quilter and not likely to buy someone else’s quilt, asked us if we would like to take pictures of it so that I could try to make one similar to it.  We did so and I spent a couple of years searching for just the right combination of fabrics.
Having been interupted many times by the need to make baby and wedding quilt gifts, I recently got busy and started to create this quilt.  The pattern for the quilt is called "bargello"  and it calls for lots of little rectangles (15 different materials) to be arranged in different color combinations and orders, sewn into strips of varying widths and then sewn in such a way to create what looks like the pipes of a pipe organ.
This quilt was very precise and needed a lot of mathematics (not my strongest skills) and I still managed to enjoy making it very much!  We just finished hanging it up in our home and now it’s on to a baby quilt for our expected fourth grandchild.