With considerably cooler weather upon us, we decided it was a good time to go to New Smyrna Beach to visit our friends from church, John and Sandy, who stay here for two months every winter.  They showed us their beautiful condo with incredible views of the ocean, and Sandy fixed us a wonderful light lunch that was just perfect.  Then they drove us around the New Smyrna Beach area, and gave us a tour of the church they go to while down here.  John sings with the contemporary group at the church.  Thanks for a lovely time, guys.  We really enjoyed our visit!
The next day was still cool, and we played it cool by doing the Disney thing.  We had such a good time at Epcot last year that we decided to go there again, and we certainly made the right decision.  If possible, we enjoyed it even more than last time.  The rides are terrific – some we went on more tha once.  The entertainment was superb (especially the accapella singers at the American section).  Circle vision 360 degree movies are always great, and we saw ones at the Canada, China, and France pavillions (well France was 180 degrees, but the music more than made up for it).  The Mexican musicians were very good as well.  The weather was predicted to warm up, so we headed to the gulf coast for some more beach walking and swimming.  The place we stayed at in St. Pete Beach was OK, but we liked the Cocoa Beach area better.  The pool here was a little on the cool side, but Randy swam his laps any way.
Tomorrow it’s on to Tampa to spend the weekend with our friend Sheryl.  Then Monday morning we start our journey north toward home.  More than a bit sad.