We started our weekend Friday night with a choir party with friends from our old church, Pilgrim.  It’s always nice to chat with people we don’t see very often – some only once a year.  Then, on Saturday, we went with Nickie’s brother Bob and his wife Louise to the Stackner Caberet to see a funny musical called "Dog Park".  We also had a bite to eat with them downtown, and arrived home around 8pm.  We then jumped into our car and proceded to "The Coffee House" to catch a gig by our folk-singing neighbors, Craig and Patty.
We didn’t have our camera with us for any of those events, but we took one with us on Sunday evening when we went to the recently renovated Mitchell Park Horticultural Domes with it’s new lighting.  You can get somewhat of an idea of what that was like in the pictures below, although you won’t see the changing patterns and colors.  Most of the frigid weekends this winter we only ventured out when we had to.  But this was a fairly mild one, and it was good to be out and about.  The cabin fever had lasted long enough.
To top things off, we had a great 45 minute video chat with Amber and Silas in Western Washington.  It warms our hearts to see that little guy smile and "talk" with Gama and Papa.  Web cams are wonderful!