Adam and Anna came over to our house for a midwinter sleep-over (God, I hope it’s AT LEAST midwinter), and we did some of the usual things like board game playing, cookie baking, and playing ball on the steps.  But Adam tried out the new race driving program we have for the Wii, and, of course, did extremely well with it.  We "more mature" drivers didn’t fare quite so well.
Since his early struggles in reading, Adam has grown by 2nd grade into a confident and expressive reader.  Recenty his Auntie Amber sent us a list of chapter books that would be of interest to active boys like Adam.  In one of the pictures above he is reading a book about a boy detective called "Nate the Great" to his little sister, Anna.  He’s already asked us to get more books from the "Nate" series.  Anna is also showing how she is growing up.  She spent some time on our computer working on matching puzzles where she had to click and/or drag pieces with the computer mouse.
Last weekend Eric took the kids snow tubing on a couple of area hills with the tubes we gave them for Christmas, but it’s been too cold to enjoy that kind of thing here of late.  For anyone reading this in other parts of the country, most schools were closed Thursday and Friday because of wind chills down to -40!  Now that it’s starting to get a bit milder, it’s snowing again.  We have close to a season’s worth of the white stuff already, and it’s only the 17th of January.  We know that global warming is a serious issue, but it’s hard to understand since we’re really entering another ice age.  (Sheryl –  it better be warm when we get down there!) 
By the way, we’re eagerly awaiting a visit from Silas and his folks on February 12th.