We had one of the best Christmas Days in recent memory!  We gave ourselves a Webcam and started our day with a video chat with Amber, Drew, and Silas.  We watched Silas open some presents, and find wooden animals hidden in the branches of his live Christmas tree.  He enjoyed showing them to us, and saying "Gama" and "Pa, Pa".  We spent a wonderful hour of our Christmas morning with our Washington state family.  It was the next best thing to their actually visiting here.  We just glowed with happiness after we hung up.
Next, we picked up Randy’s brother Bob, and Nickie’s brother David (who recently broke his ankle) and headed out to Jennie’s in Germantown for the Wisconsin part of our family get-together.  Jennie and Eric prepared an outstanding holiday feast, including a delicious egg-bake, a French Toast casserole that was fantastic, and Eric’s great chili.  The meal was served on our old dining room table, which now occupies a place in Jen’s home.
There was some opening of presents, board-game playing (especially Bob and Anna), and book reading.  But then we got into some sports.  Eric hooked up the new "Wii" that they received from David, and the fun began!  As you can see in the photos below, Grandma played some golf, and went bowling.  You can also see Bob pitching to Adam in the baseball game.  The day went by very quickly, but what a super time we had!