We have seen the live stage play of "It’s a Wonderful Life" (it’s good even without Jimmy Stewart in the main role).  We’ve enjoyed a neighborhood church concert,and are preparing (with extra rehearsals) for our own church cantatas next weekend.  And we laughed, sang and ate a scrumptuos meal at "Ye Olde Christmas Feaste" – a madrigal dinner at our church.  Amongst all this merriment, we picked up Adam and Anna on Friday after school and brought them to our house until Saturday afternoon.  Besides playing games and watching "The Polar Express", we played ball on the steps going upstairs, and Adam became somewhat of an expert at making a top spin on our hardwood floor.  Plus more cookie baking.
Then it was off to the Menomonie Falls "Y" to watch Anna perform with her little tap dance group.  Hope you like the slideshow of pictures below.