It was sunny and warm for the Labor Day weekend, so we spent most of it at the lake, although we stopped at the McCanns’ on the way home Monday for what may be our last swim of the season.  Uncle David joined us Sunday, and there he is looking with Anna into a pail at a salamander that Grandma had caught and saved for her.  (Speaking of that type of thing, a Monarch butterfly hatched from a chrysalis in Jennie’s backyard, and Adam and Anna got to release it into freedom after getting a very close look at it.  IF Jennie sends us any pictures of that, we will pass them on to you.)
Kicking the ball is always fun on Tina’s back lot, and all 3 boats got a workout on the lake.  Eric and Adam paddled the canoe, Anna did the paddleboat thing and fished, and Adam got to go for his very first sailboat ride with Papa.  Papa also introduced Adam to horseshoes (Adam actually scored 10 points – the horseshoes in this case were made out of rubber.) 
The winding down of summer can be a bit sad for us, but we have our upcoming trip to Washington state to look forward to now, so you may not hear from us until close to the end of the month.  We’ll tell you all about our journey, of course, but if you can’t wait that long, go to the left hand side of the screen, and click on "Planet Silas".  Amber will probably post on her blog a few times while we’re out there.