We’re still going through withdrawal from Silas.  We saw the world through his eyes for much of our trip to Washington State.  This set of pictures (below) shows some of the things we did with him and Amber and Drew.  Looking out the window, you can see Silas signing the word for "bird".  Even though he just babbles yet, he communicates with a rather substancial repertoire of sign language, taught to him by his mom and dad.  Very impressive, indeed. 
One of his favorite things is to push his crocodile walker around, which is a great prelude to actually walking by himself, probably within a couple of weeks.  He really enjoyed the park and its many playthings.  The rhododendrons (their state flower) were spectacular when we were out there, and make a nice background for family photos.
We stayed at their friend and neighbor Katya’s little guest cottage (that’s a view of part of her yard from the window).  We’ll have to take more pics of Katya and her place when we next visit in September.
This is part 1 of the Washington treck.  Soon to follow will be a glimpse of our sightseeing journey around the state.