We visited two of the Disney theme parks, starting with the fabulous Epcot Center (photos 1-8).  There we toured the world and enjoyed exhibits from many countries, including Canadian and Chinese Circle-Vision 360 movies that were superb.  We flew a mission to Mars, journeyed through time, and traveled on a hang glider over much of the US.
Then it was on to Disney’s Wild Animal Kingdom, where we saw an impressive live stage show, "The Lion King" (9 – 11).  A couple of other shows were also very good.  They had an unusually wonderful parade of characters come through the grounds later in the afternoon (we’ve just shown you two: 12 and 13) .  And we saw quite a few animals (14-16) while on a safari ride through the jungle.
We ventured east to the Kennedy Space Center (NASA), photos 17-23.  While touring the area, we saw the actual control room used on the Apollo missions (#17), and the Saturn 5 rocket (#18).  Who is that ghost of a spaceman in #19?  And yes, the next shuttle to go up (now scheduled for Mar. 11) was already on the launch pad.  That would be "Endeavor" (#23).