After an extended period of snow and below zero temperatures, we decided to escape the wintry January blahs by visiting the Mitchell Park Horticultural Domes in Milwaukee, and we took Jennie, Eric, Adam, and Anna with us.  It was warm and inviting in there, just a wonderful way to pass an afternoon.  We saw all kinds of flowers, plants, and trees – including a banana tree (pictured below).  There are three domed structures in all: a tropical dome, an arid dome (desert, cacti, etc.), and a show dome, which changes themes periodically.  The current theme is "trains", and there were four great trains running amidst the flowers, including a freight train, Amtrak train, and a very long circus train (87 cars plus two steam locomotives).  Very cool, indeed!  Each set of trains is there for only a couple of days, and then other train owners bring their trains there for the display.  A huge amount of set-up and take-down time is required.  Everyone of us enjoyed the day, and appreciated the simulation of springtime.