What a special Christmas our family celebrated together this year!  Amber, Drew and precious 9 month old Silas traveled home to Wisconsin for the holidays.  Both Drew’s family and ours got to share time with them for their 8 day visit and they got to see friends as well–especially Jessi, Dave and Alden.  
Our family gathered together on Christmas Eve for a marathon gift opening/picture taking/visiting and eating  time.  Jennie, Adam and Anna got to renew their aquaintence with their cousin, Silas.  Great-uncles, David and Bob and Uncle Eric got to meet him for the first time.  We also spent an afternoon later in the week at the McCanns’ for more family time.  Drew, Amber and Silas spent Christmas day with Drew’s family and then we had the chance to share some time with Drew’s mom and her husband when they came to our house a few days after Christmas.  It was delightful to be together to enjoy Silas’ laughs and bright smile.
We thoroughly enjoyed our time with our daughter, son-in-law and grandson.  Silas has claimed a very special place in our hearts.   We are so grateful for every moment we had to play and cuddle with him, and we can’t wait until our next trip out to Washington to visit him and his mom and dad. 
As usual, look below for pictures.  There are Christmastime ones, and a section of Silas pics.