We’ve been to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan many times in the summer, but never in the fall.  So last Sunday after church we headed up that way to check out the color.  We only got as far as Iron Mountain, and we got clouds, rain, and fog.  The UP was socked in with fog so you couldn’t see much of anything.  So we headed west from there instead, returned to our favorite Copper Falls State Park, and saw some other parks we hadn’t been to before.  Went all the way over to the Duluth-Superior area before turning south and east again.  So far most places were past peak.  We didn’t see the sun until Wednesday, and that’s when we saw some 80 to 100% color in the Merrill-Wausau region.  Rib Mountain and the Dells of the Eau Claire River were standouts.  It was nice to be away a few days, no matter what the weather.